Hello World!

There are two things important in life, I have just yet figure out:

Run Write

Run, generates new energy in life. The body is designed in this way: run motivate active breathing, which improve blood circulation, which revive new energy. Physical has such a direct impact to the mind.

I always hated running ever since young. Been told so many times to run, I just hate it. I can deal with swimming but not running. Now I’m guess it has something to do with the laziness rooted deep in.

Write, sorts out loose threads of thinking; links and constructs random thoughts into concrete ideas; brings an idea from out of space back down to an earthly action plan. What’s been stopping me from writing more are two reasons: fear of criticism and again, laziness.

I’m writing this as a first public post of the blog. Let the world wide web do its magic. Help me keep running and writing.

Dear reader, ¬†when you’re passing by this blog and read till this point, you have given me an¬†encouragement. Thank you. You too, please start running and writing. It will do you real good. Ride on.